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1 29 19-02-14 18:06:47 by RaptorsTalon

Introductions / Forum Rules / New Users

Who are you? Post here first with any forum rules queries alongside a little introduction of yourself. Also look here to read all of the forum rules before posting.
117 3607 21-02-14 16:14:01 by Warrender

Kick-start Games

A way for new users to jump straight into games and meet new people through instant roleplaying, anyone can start a game here. This section should only contain very basic roleplaying games. Keeping things simple is strongly advised. Remember, above all: have fun!
2 12 06-11-13 02:46:02 by Lucian Greymark

Leave of Absence

Going somewhere? Not going to be able to post for awhile? Whatever it may be, post here to let others know how long you'll be gone for.
114 1273 05-01-14 21:13:34 by Yumichi

Issues, Suggestions and Changes to the Forum

Is there a problem with the forum? Got a suggestion to improve The Basement? Or want to see the changes made to the Basement? Post here!
101 1723 21-02-14 16:12:57 by Warrender

Collapse Roleplay Resources and Discussion

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Links, info banks, guides and anything else that may be useful for current or future roleplaying games.
5 174 16-10-13 15:39:39 by Authrix


For discussing the dynamics and workings of roleplays. Any helpful resources and comments that can be used in the creation of roleplays can be posted here such as guides, examples or advice.
14 627 01-01-14 18:57:59 by Asherian Command

Character Creation

This is a place where you can create characters and get criticism/help with bringing them to life.
4 17 02-10-13 17:00:24 by Coolyo294

Character Fiction

This is where you can create threads to practice writing for characters whether they're going to be used in a game or kept on the back seat until they're needed. Designed for critique on how well the character comes across/is written rather than on the character itself.
3 76 04-02-14 18:30:09 by Asherian Command

Game Companions

This section is for threads containing information about the games we create and play.
37 210 04-02-14 14:59:05 by Draxy


This is where old RPG ideas are stored should someone wish to revive them or draw inspiration from them.
168 37847 02-10-12 21:53:10 by grimgrimly

Collapse Planning and OOC

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Roleplay Planning and Development

This is where you plan and develop your RP's by posting your RP to get feedback on what you have so that changes can be made or new things added until you are happy that your RP is ready to be launched. You can also use it to recruit players before submitting the RP to Launch
217 24526 12-02-14 01:03:33 by Castiel

Out Of Character Threads

The place for all OOC threads!
45 22038 10-02-14 19:38:43 by Darko


Games that have been fully planned and are ready to launch as soon as possible are moved here. When a game is ready to be moved here, the GM should inform a moderator via private message.
3 1389 16-01-14 17:01:53 by Draxy

Collapse Roleplaying Games

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For Roleplays set in the Modern era. either based on current situations or alternative timelines based on modern day knowledge
6 52 29-01-14 19:01:35 by Yumichi


All Sci-Fi roleplays here! Aliens, Space Marines, Space Pirates, rocket ships, flying saucers, UFOs - all of it goes here!
28 3642 20-12-13 12:46:10 by Warrender


All Fantasy roleplays go here. Knights and Dragons, Orcs and Elves, or plain and simple Chaos Warlords. Eat your heart out, DnD lovers!
15 1802 03-02-14 07:15:49 by Lord Klimino


All Apocalypse, Post-Apocalypse and shit-just-hit-the-fan roleplays here!
10 1732 10-02-14 19:37:55 by Darko


The place for all RPGs set in our lovely history. This includes alternate reality/timeline games that take place in the past.
4 47 27-06-12 15:38:54 by Darko


All those nasty, gribbly things that go BOO! Right here guys. Vampires, Werewolves, spooky potato monsters.. have your pick.
9 320 11-10-13 16:33:42 by Yumichi

The Play Pen

Standard RPG section. Any roleplaying games may start here without going through planning. This area is especially good for users who just want to get right down to roleplaying without the fuss of long-term planning or huge in-character posts. It's simple, it's quick and it's fun.
26 1854 11-02-14 14:40:39 by Scrazza

Collapse Strategic Games

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Strategic/Nations Planning

For the planning of Strategic/Nations games.
5 375 20-12-13 22:32:37 by ObjectiveFault

Strategic Games OOC

For all OOC discussion of Strategic games.
5 951 06-01-14 15:30:25 by Admiral9

Strategic Games

So much for the Mystery section. This is the place for all Strategic-style games, also known has Nations games.
22 528 24-12-13 20:53:12 by Warrender

Collapse Pen & Paper RPGs

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For planning all P&P/skype/off-site roleplays such as Dark Heresy, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and Shadowrun. Submit your ideas and recruit new players.
5 65 21-01-14 13:39:35 by Jochmen

Session write-ups

For writing up and tracking what happens in all the sessions in your games.
6 108 08-12-13 04:09:12 by WARORK


To discuss characters, games, rules, background and everything else.
0 0  

Collapse Additional Fiction

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Writer's Block

This is where you can post your own stories/fan-fictions and receive critique. If you click on someone's thread, it is common courtesy to take the time to read their piece and leave a comment on their hard work.
79 595 01-02-14 22:09:03 by Asherian Command

Game Fluff

Section for background and information accompanying a roleplaying game that is being planned.
13 1364 22-11-13 05:17:07 by Lucian Greymark

Expanded Universe

For writing about characters or events related to a Roleplaying Game, essentially continuing or expanding the story.
7 75 25-08-13 13:18:40 by Heavy Metal Quarian

Collapse Anything and Everything Else

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The Lounge (Off-Topic Discussion)

General off-topic forum for all your off-topic and light hearted needs. Although off-topic, please respect threads with a serious wish for discussion.
263 10870 11-02-14 19:17:35 by Coolyo294


Small word and picture based games to pass the time.
32 2647 22-01-14 23:27:58 by Scrazza


Contests, miscellaneous polls and the like go here.
46 578 04-01-14 06:35:32 by Darko

Jokes and Laughs

Something given you a good laugh today? Know any jokes? Well share them here and make someone elses day!
40 3900 12-02-14 02:25:26 by Coolyo294

Cinema and TV

Seen any good movies lately? Any good TV shows? Or maybe you prefer the classics? This is the place for all your film discussion.
85 1018 15-11-13 23:04:02 by Draxy


All the tunes we couldn't live without. Musical discussion, right here.
98 823 08-02-14 16:14:11 by Asherian Command


Got a favourite book you want to talk about? Want to discuss publishers or get news from other users? Post here!
18 230 19-01-14 00:42:22 by Dev

Video Games

Whether you just want to share Video Game news or argue which is better, the PS3 or Xbox 360 - this is the place for it.
169 5172 12-02-14 02:11:32 by Halonachos


Modelling, painting, drawing - whatever it is, post about your hobbies here!
39 1342 10-02-14 18:56:07 by Authrix


For discussing all animè and manga or similar to either of the two.
5 737 10-02-14 06:49:17 by Coolyo294

Current Affairs

Discussion of all the latest world news, be it war, celebrities, natural disasters, the latest internet sensation or even theorizing about what colour socks the Prime Minister wears. Well, maybe not that...
66 1069 12-01-14 21:00:43 by Authrix

Advice and Help

Having trouble? Life getting you down? Need help and don't know where else to go? Or maybe you just need to vent some steam and get something out of your system. Whatever it is, post it here! Note to those reading and answering people's problems - be respectful, helpful and post considerately or don't reply at all.
92 2494 04-02-14 07:39:20 by Deadshot

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