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Forum rules

1) Be polite. Profanity is tolerated, provided it is not excessive or used offensively and disrespectfully. This is largely due to the fact that many characters in games use profanity and also due to the fact that the site is generally a community that discusses mature themes, amongst other reasons. If your kid picks up bad language from the site, don't blame us. 2) Try to keep your level of grammar and spelling as high as possible. Chat, txt and 1337 speak are against the rules and will usually result in suspension, unless used in a particularly humorous or sarcastic quip occasionally. 3) Do not spam. That is, do not create overly large amounts of off-topic. 4) Racist, pornographic or any other indecent, offensive or otherwise inappropriate content WILL NOT be tolerated and will result in an immediate suspension or ban. 5) Accounts with less than one post after one week since registration will be deleted. 6) Spam accounts/spam bots or accounts that appear to be for spam can and will be deleted without warning. 7) Any account or IP address that has been used to access the site may be banned or deleted without warning if it is deemed necessary or simply the correct course of action by the moderation and administration staff. 8) After you create an account, please create an introduction thread to prove that you are not a spam bot. Bare in mind that if the thread is considered spam or to contain offensive material then your account will still be deleted. DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of the site and its members, some content may contain adult themes, description of gore/violence. By signing up you accept that you understand this and have no qualms with it. Final note: Moderators and Administrators have final judgement in all things, regardless of rules. They were picked for a reason, their judgement is fairly assessed by the team as a whole. Additionally rules can be subject to alteration at any time and by signing up you agree to accept any future revisions of the rules.


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